Enotna programska oprema za avtomatizacijo sistemov

CX-One programska oprema omogoča uporabnikom gradnjo, konfiguriranje in programiranje gostujočih naprav kot so PLK, HMI vmesniki, sistemi za pogonsko tehniko in mrežne enote. Vse skupaj je združeno v enem programskem paketu in je tako potrebna samo ena inštalacija in ena licenca. To izredno zmanjša zahtevnost nastavitev in omogoča programiranje sistemov za avtomatizacijo brez, ali malo usposabljanja.

  • Ena programska oprema s podporo programiranja PLK, HMI, omrežnih komponent, sistemov za pogonsko tehniko, krmilne in regulacijske komponente in senzorje
  • Ena inštalacija in ena licenca za vso programsko opremo
  • Spletna registracija omogoča brezplačno nadgradnjo, knjižnice , pogosta vprašanja in pomoč



ProgrammingCX-ProgrammerCX-Programmer provides one common PLC software platform for all types of Omron PLC controllers ? from micro PLC's up to Duplex processor systems. It allows easy conversion and re-use of PLC code between different PLC types, and the full re-use of control programs created by older generation PLC programming software.
CX-SimulatorA debugging environment equivalent to the actual PLC system environment can be achieved by simulating the operation of a CS/CJ Series PLC with a virtual PLC in the computer. CX-Simulator makes it possible to evaluate program operation, check the cycle time and reduce debugging time before the actual equipment is assembled.
CX-DesignerCX-Designer is used to create screen data for NS-series Programmable Terminals. CX-Designer can also check the operation of the created screen data on the computer. CX-Designer enables efficient development process for screen creation, simulation and project deployment. Users can develop screens more efficiently with Easy-to-use Support Software. CX-Designer has about 1,000 standard functional objects with associated graphics and advanced functions, so even first-time users can create screens easily just by arranging functional objects in a screen.
NetworksCX-IntegratorCX-Integrator is the main configuration software for CX-One. It enables easy performance of many operations, such as monitoring the connection status of various networks, setting parameters, and diagnosing networks.
CX-ConfiguratorFDTBased on FDT/DTM technology, CX-ConfiguratorFDT can be used to configure devices from any vendor connected to a PROFIBUS network. This concept will later be expanded to support many more networks using this technology.
CX-ProtocolCreates data communications procedures (protocol macros) to exchange data between standard serial devices and the PLC using a Serial Communication Unit or Board.
Network ConfiguratorNetwork Configurator for EtherNet/IP allows configuration of EtherNet/IP units and controller to controller data links.
Motion & DrivesCX-Motion ProCX-Motion Pro makes your motion control programming clear, simple and fast.
CX-MotionCX-Motion can be used to create, edit, and print the various parameters, position data, and motion control programs (G code) required to operate Motion Controllers, transfer the data to the Motion Control Units, and monitor operation of the Motion Control Units. Increase productivity in every step of the motion control process, from development of the motion control program to system operation.
CX-DriveThe complete current range of Omron Yaskawa inverters and servos is covered in this software with full access to all parameters (with 3 different operator levels available). An easy overview of parameters is also included which includes filters to show values that are: different from default, different from inverter, invalid setting. Graphical overviews are available to further assist with configuration of some more detailed parameters such as jump frequencies, v/f profiles and analog setting.
CX-PositionCX-Position simplifies every aspect of position control, from creating/editing the data used in Position Control Units (NC Units) to communicating online and monitoring operation. The software is equipped with functions that can improve productivity, such as automatically generating project data and reusing existing data.
CX-Motion NCFCreate point to point motion solutions quickly using this integrated configuration software for MECHATROLINK-II based systems.
CX-Motion MCHProgram advanced motion applications using CS1W-MCH71 and CJ1W-MCH71 Motion Control Units, setting system parameters, position data, motion task programs, and CAM data.
Regulation and SwitchingCX-ThermoCX-Thermo is a configuration and monitoring product for E5CN and E5ZN-series Temperature Controllers. It provides easy setup, online data logging, and real-time monitoring. Users can easily create, edit, and batch-download parameters from a personal computer, reducing the work required to set parameters. It is possible to monitor data for up to 31 Temperature Controllers at the same time.
CX-ProcessCX-Process simplifies every aspect of loop control, from creating/transferring function blocks to running the Boards/Units and debugging (tuning PID parameters, etc.) operation. Function block programs can be created easily by pasting function blocks in the window and making software connections with the mouse.
SensingCX-SensorCX-Sensor allows configuration and monitoring of Omron's ZX range of sensors via a series of easy to use displays. The graphing dialog allows the outputs from several sensors to be reviewed and compared simultaneously, allowing configuration of complex processes. The software also includes a driver that allows sensor data to be accessed via an Omron serial control unit (SCU) and from other Omron applications such as CX-Supervisor. With the aid of Omron's CX-Server OPC application it is even possible to monitor sensor data in real time from Microsoft Excel.

Sistemske zahteve


Operating system (OS) Japanese or English systemMicrosoft Windows 2000 (SP4 or higher)Microsoft Windows XP SP2 32 bit versionMicrosoft Windows Vista Ultimate, Premium, Business and Enterprise, 32 bit editionsMicrosoft Windows 7 32 bit version
ComputerIBM PC/AT or compatible with a Pentium II 333 MHz or faster processor (Pentium III 1 GHz or faster recommended)IBM PC/AT or compatible with a processor recommended by Microsoft (1 GHz or faster recommended)
Memory512 MB min. recommended1 GB min. recommended
Hard diskApprox. 2.8 GB or more available space is required to install the complete CX-One package
DisplaySVGA (800 × 600) or better high-resolution display with 256 colors min.
Disk driveCD-ROM drive or DVD-ROM drive
Communications portsRS-232C port, USB port, or Ethernet port
OtherInternet access is required for online user registration, including a modem or other hardware connection method.

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